Sunday, February 17, 2019

"Leave the Light On" Release Day

I just put out a new Cypher System adventure called Leave the Light On. This adventure puts players amid an annual Festival of Lights in honor of the yearly arrival of the famous dimension-hopping city of light, Lumoscity. When Lumoscity doesn't show up, the players are sent out to investigate the occurrence. They will find themselves wrapped up in a complex plot where their choices could affect the future of the world forever.

Check it out here:

This adventure took me a bit longer to put together than some of the other ones I have created, but I think that it's higher quality as a result.

I even created 4 Cypher System Foci for the adventure, detailing them all the way from 1st Tier through 6th Tier!

I hope you'll check it out, and I hope that you enjoy the adventure!

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Book of Destiny...on Hold

So, my microphone died. It's been a good microphone. It's been with us for probably 7-8 years.

That said, I'm looking at getting a much higher quality microphone for the Book of Destiny podcast.

In wanting to do that, I sort of want to re-record what I have recorded so far for the podcast, so that it will come out higher quality.

If I do that, it'll set me back weeks of work.

On top of that, starting in January was a bit...overambitious of me to begin with.

So, what I'm saying is that the Book of Destiny is currently on hold and will return this summer.

I'm going to leave the first two chapters up as a preview, but will return to posting weekly sometime then.

Monday, January 14, 2019

Book of Destiny Character Profile: Theron Spiros

Image made with HeroMachine 3
As of the start of the Book of Destiny.
Gender: Male
Homeworld: Unknown (Although his lack of skinlines implies
a world of or near the Sparkling Band)
Theron Spiros is an infamous assassin and bounty hunter. Criminals know him as a man that will finish the job, no matter what it takes. Law enforcement across the Sparkling Band and other connected worlds has his name upon their lists. Most who know of him fear him.

He is known for his unique weapon: a gunblade that consists of a blade alongside a single shot pistol. He carries several varieties of ammunition for his weapon, and he loads each bullet individually.

Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Book of Destiny World Guide: Navtyi

The Symbol of the Knights of Selas
As of the start of the Book of Destiny.
World Status: Sparkling Band
Navtyi is a world that is, on paper, ruled by nobility. There are ten monarchs that rule varying portions of the land, and there are many more noble families of lower ranks. The people of Navtyi look up to the royalty and, when given the opportunity, usually serve them without question. However, the nobles of Navtyi are often more concerned with their own business than with actually ruling the world.

Through a series of plots including marriages, assassinations, and backroom deals, the hierarchy of the nobles and the borders of the lands ruled by the different monarchs are

Monday, January 7, 2019

Book of Destiny Character Profile: Zhou Jin

Image made with HeroMachine 3
As of the start of the Book of Destiny.
Gender: Female
Homeworld: Senzalsy

Zhou Jin grew up on Senzalsy with well-off parents who wanted her to have a normal life. They enrolled her in the Gisjoln Academy at a young age and pushed her into pursuing numerous extracurricular activities to provide her with a well-rounded future. Zhou took quickly to the academics, but less quickly to the other aspects of her parents aspirations for her. She hit a rebellious streak early on and was often in trouble at the academy, until she was eventually kicked out after a particularly destructive prank.
She became a thief and a smuggler. Over the many years since then, she has built up a reputation in the criminal underworld as being extremely skilled at what she does.

She carries with her a digital assistance device known as Psifiak. In addition to standard computing and data storage abilities, Psifiak is also equipped with technologies for creating portals between worlds. This is done through the chaotic ripping of the weave of the essence. Psifiak may or may not have its own developed personality.

Friday, January 4, 2019

Book of Destiny Chapter 1: An Allowably Costly Bargain

Desmond Tindall nears the end of one part of his journey and the start of the next. He finds himself face to face with pure evil, and must make a decision about what his plans are worth to him.

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